Betonipumppaus Laatikainen

Now we can pump concrete with minimal environmental impact.

Betonipumppaus Laatikainen has five Putzmeister iOntron hybrid concrete pumping trucks (24 m – 42 m) that can pump concrete on site using electricity.

The pump is connected to the site’s electricity supply (63 A – 125 A electrical connection on the site) by cable, so no extra battery is needed for pumping. The powerful 92 kW electric motor is sufficient to complete sites with electric power at a flow rate of up to 100 m3/h. Pumping is also possible with more traditional diesel power, and the working method can be changed even in the middle of a job site. In addition to low emissions, the noise level is considerably lower with the Putzmeister iOntron concrete pumping truck.

For more information, please contact Juuso Siitonen, tel. 040 702 9335