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Concrete floors

Concrete flooring is as resistant to impact as it is to the eye

Guaranteed durable floors

Lattia Laatikainen carries out a wide range of concrete flooring castings indoors and outdoors. In addition to its durability, concrete flooring is a timeless and attractive solution for many different applications.

Lattia Laatikainen offers high-quality flooring solutions for different spaces and purposes, regardless of the level of demand. We professionally carry out the most common concrete floor castings as well as demanding structural castings.

We carefully carry out floor castings for a variety of applications such as residential buildings, offices, educational institutions, and industrial and production facilities. For example, we carry out:

Underground floors
Flooring for industrial buildings
Flooring for concrete, concrete slabs, concrete floors
Design floors
Surface flooring

Concrete flooring expert with years of experience

When pouring a concrete floor, it’s a good idea to consult a professional as early as the design stage. In addition to the intended use and type of floor, the quality of concrete, reinforcement, thickness of the castings, and the finishing of the castings must be taken into account. With our experience, we design individual and functional solutions, listening to our customers.

We also carry out repair work on concrete that has been subjected to severe stress. On request, we carry out patching and grinding work flexibly throughout Finland.

Lattia Laatikainen’s floor-laying staff consists of professionals in their field. Thanks to our know-how and equipment, floor casting work is always carried out as agreed and on schedule.

We work almost 24/7 on call. At Lattia Laatikainen you can get the professionals of floor casting to help you in a quick timeframe – whether you live near or far.

Concrete floor sanding

Lattia Laatikainen also takes care of the post-concrete flooring work with professionalism. As concrete floors dry, so-called ”concrete glue” forms on the surface, which is then removed by machine. The sanding of concrete floors also ensures that the desired surface treatment adheres to the concrete. At the same time, it speeds up the drying of the concrete.

By sanding the concrete surface several times, the structure of the concrete is better revealed. The depth of sanding of concrete floors is always planned according to the intended use of the floor.

The concrete floor can either be left matt or polished. A polished concrete floor is a very attractive and practical solution. It is very durable and inexpensive to install. Lattia Laatikainen has many years of experience in concrete flooring, from prefabrication to final polishing. Read more about prefabrication.